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Monday, December 6, 2010

FIGHTS/BLOOD - The SCW Cage SuperShow...

Before I get into my trip to the cosomopolitan town of Lytle, Texas, let me tell you about the gimmick I've come up with for this blog.  When its about "zombies", the entry will have "zombies" at its beginning.  When its about "fights" or "blood", the same.  That way, you can find the blogs that interst you the most.

Today, its "Fights/Blood", because that's what SCW in Lytle delivered.  It was a short trip from my house and very easy to find.  And I knew when I drove in that I was in small town Texas when I saw the "Chiropractor" sign just above a "Barbacoa" place.  In Lytle, you can get your back adjusted, then grab something to eat right next door.  Texas, baby!

The arena was apparently custom built for pro-wrestling shows.  For a minute, it reminded me of the scene from "X-Men" when Rogue walks in to that smokey bar in Canada and finds Logan kicking butt in the cage.  It might have well have been that, because there were pool tables and jukeboxes to my left, the bar to my right (serving Pearl, may I add.  God Bless Texas!).  A chain link fence surrounding a wrestling ring wating to punish all those that entered was just the kind of sight I was wanting to see walking into the SCW SportsStation.

Bleachers were made out of wood, constructed by hand and a little love.  It was where seats were reserved for me by fellow fan, Teri.  My partner in crime, Anna, showed up with her little girl and her man, Allen, so I knew it was going to be even more fun.  Sign Guy, a superfan of the highest order, was also in attendance.  I'll post his videos documenting some of the fun below.

Barry Savant was looking sharp in a tie, slacks, suspenders, and his signature hat.  He's the blogger that pointed the way to the good (and not so good) indy promotions here in south Texas.  I wouldn't have traveled to Lytle if it wasn't for him.  Check him out if you are in south Texas looking for a pro-wrestling fix.

The opening matches featured guys I like booing.  El Latino and Lemus II traveled the Texas Indy circuit for a while, so I was familiar with them.  Latino was jumped by another guy I like to boo, Tito Sanchez, outside of the cage.  Blood was flowing even before El Latino got into the cage, and I was alright with that.  I wished nothing but pain for both of them, and the cage granted my wish.  Both were punished by the cage and by each other, and El Latino walked away with the victory.  We'll see if he can have some redemption against Sanchez.

An all girl three way ensued between the loveable redneck woman Lillie Mae, the evil ginger Miss Maulie, and the animal Claudia del Solis.  Claudia was something out of a Tarzan comic, all jungle beast-girl.  It was as if she actually LIVED in a cage when she wasn't at the SCW Arena.  If Bruiser Brody and a panther had a baby, it would be Claudia del Solis.  The ginger didn't want to fight, but was put to task quickly by Solis, who threw Mae into her.  The three mixed it up, and Lillie Mae got bloody.  With her blonde locks, she looked like Ric Flair at Starcade vs. Harley Race in the cage.  Blood caked her face and hair early in the match.  The Ginger and the Animal threw down, thinking they had Lillie out of commission.  But Lillie took the suprise victory.  I don't think Lillie's heard the last from Miss Maulie and Claudie del Solis.

Texas wrestling legends Ken "Mad Dog" Johnson and Dusty Wolfe put their tag titles on the line against the Dell Enterprises, Inc. tandem, big Dick Dallas and Danny Saint.  Both competitors had to get out to win.  The tag champs just didn't seem to be on the same page as Johnson got out of the cage first, and before Wolfe could escape, Dick and Saint pulled Wolfe back in for more punishement.  It was mayhem that found Dick and Saint the winners and new champs.

In spite of the loss, Wolfe was honored with being the first inductee in the SCW Hall of Fame.   He wrote an interesting book, too.  You should check it out. I"ll have to bring my copy next time so he can sign it.

North vs. South collided again, as Jersey native "The Situation" Mike "One Man" Dell took on the big redneck "Cowboy" James Claxton.  It was great to yell at that yankee bastard again, and he made the fans jeer him with his signature arrogance and cocky style.  But Claxton took it to the northern invader with a solid attack.  The ref took control after things got crazy on the outside.  I told the owner I was going to call the Texas athletic commission if he didn't take control of this important match.  The ref took a stand, sending Dell's entourage to the back.  And though they still tried to interfere, the belt changed hands.  The belt was back with the Cowboy.

The big grudge match of the night was Jaykus Plisken and the new SCW commish, Jacob Ladder.  It was a "Fans bring the weapon" match.  And it delivered in violence.  A can of WD-40 and a lighter was used.  Even a Roman Candle got in the mix.  Light bulbs, chairs, ladders.  It was a real rumble, with Jacob taking the victory.

All in all, I was glad to make the trip.  It was fun, the wrestlers gave their all in the cage, and the beer was cheap.  Here's hoping the next time I visit, I will get the same.

To all the wrestlers I cheer and jeer, thank you.

"The Situation" Mike Dell Enterprises, Inc.

Lillie Mae aftermath

Miss Maulie attacks Sign Guy

More great Texas indy interviews at SignGuy's YouTube page:

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