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Monday, December 6, 2010

FIGHTS - UFC and Strikeforce Saturday show...

The best thing about DVR is that you can do other things and watch TV later.  Not only that, but you can fast forward through commercials and get to the meat of the show.

For Combat sports shows, you can fast forward past the crummy stuff and get to the good stuff.

And that's what I had to do Sunday afternoon when I watched the UFC free event they had on Saturday.  Wrestling took priority, so I DVR'd two events: The Ultimate Fighter finale and the Strikeforce show. 

The Leonard Garcia/Nam Pham fight was the fight of the night. Pham got robbed, and people blame the judges.  Here's my thing.  Pham looked great.  He was picking apart Garcia with the sweet science, countering Garcia's brawling roughneck style.  Everyone saw it.  The fans saw it.  Judges saw it.

But Garcia took Nam down twice.  Didn't really do anything with the takedowns, but scored with two.  And in UFC style fighting, you can dominate on the feet, but takedowns make a difference.  Don't blame the judges for their decision.  Blame the fighters for not finishing.  The judges are just working within the rules the have to determine the fight.  I liked Nam, but he should have finished Garcia.

I fast forwarded through the rest of the show.  UFC might be the best thing going in MMA, but they throw out so much product, that it delivers 2 out of 5 events sometimes.

Strikeforce delivered.  Lawler was as ruthless as ever, putting the aged warrior Matt Lindland down on the mat with vicious punches.

But the best punch was the last match.  Paul "Semtex" Daly put out Scott Smith with punches that sent him to the mat face first.  It was reminiscent of when Fedor KO'd Andre Alrovski and sent him to the mat face first.  It was awesome.

You should watch it.  Seriously, watch it.

UFC's problem is they put quantity over quality.

This Saturday, I'm going to the RCW show.  It should be over before the main event of UFC, which is the only match on the card worth watching, no matter what Dana White tells me.  The best of both worlds!

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