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Monday, December 13, 2010

FIGHTS - "Rudos and Tecnicos" Art Exhibit, Gallista

This weekend was very eventful, which is nice after a long work week.  Gallista Galllery ( hosted a lucha inspired art show that was absolutely amazing.  The works ranged from abstract to political to straight lucha.  The people and artists were great.

It was great to see Xavier Garza again.  He wrote a kids book called "The Man in the Silver Mask".  It's a tribute to El Santo and lucha libre which is very good.  His work is very distinctive, and inspired by his love of lucha.  (  He's going to read "Code Name: La Lechusa" and hopefully, if he likes it, provide a blurb. 

The artists also included a guy named L.A., who was dressed flamboyantly.  He has some psychedelic works that were great.

Why is an art exhibit categorized as fight?  Well, the messge of the evening and themes of several of the paintings involved political and philisophical expressions of Latinos in Texas, the US, and the world.  Lots of them had to do with education, which was great.  There was even one with a luchador fighting Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and other inspired DREAM act works.  There was even one with a virgen Mary wearing a Villano maks.

I know I should have taken more pictures, but I wanted to be respectful to the artists.  I would have felt bad snapping pictures and not buying any of their works.  They were all amazing in their own way.

All in all, it was a great showing.  If you are in San Antonio, check it out.

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