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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FIGHTS: Retrospective - The Scraps in 'Terror of Mechagodzilla'

Bowie V. Ibarra

'Terror of Mechagodzilla' is reputed to be one of the least favorite of the original Godzilla franchise, but I didn't mind it.  It's the last of the original franchise.  And as fights go, the final two-on-one scrap is a good send off to the original franchise.

Here's the plot, as condensed from Wikipedia:

"Continuing after the end of the final film, Interpol agents, led by Inspector Kusaka, search for the wreck of Mechagodzilla at the bottom of the Okinawan Sea. Using the submarine, Akatsuki, they hope to gather information on the robot's builders, the alien simians. The Akatsuki is suddenly attacked by a giant aquatic dinosaur called Titanosaurus, and the crew vanishes.
Interpol starts an investigation into the incident. With the help of marine biologist Akira Ichinose, they trace the Titanosaurus to a reclusive, mad scientist named ShinzĂ´ Mafune, who wants to destroy all mankind. While Ichinose is visiting his old home in the seaside forest of Manazuru, they meet Mafune's lone daughter, Katsura. She tells them that not only is her father dead, but she burned all of the notes about the giant dinosaur (at her father's request). Unknownst to them, Mafune is still alive and well. He is visited by his friend Tsuda, who is an aide to the simian alien leader Mugal. He is leading the project to quickly rebuild Mechagodzilla. Mugal offers their services to Mafune, so that his Titanosaurus and their Mechagodzilla 2 will be the ultimate weapons. They hope to wipe out mankind and rebuild the world for themselves.
But things are complicated for both factions when Ichinose falls in love with Katsura and unwittingly gives her Interpol's information against Titanosaurus, the new Mechagodzilla, and the aliens. It's also discovered that Katsura is actually a cyborg, due to undergoing surgery and Mugal still has uses for her. Meanwhile, Mafune is desperate to unleash Titanosaurus without the aliens' permission, so he releases it on Yokosuka one night. By then, Interpol discovers that supersonic waves are the Titanosaurus' weakness. They had a supersonic wave oscillator ready, but Katsura sabotaged the machine before they could use it. Fortunately, Godzilla arrives to fight off Titanosaurus.
Later, when Ichinose visits Katsura, he is captured by the aliens. Tied up, Ichinose can only watch as Mafune and the aliens unleash Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus onYokosuka, while Interpol struggles to repair their sonic wave machine and the Japanese armed forces struggle to keep the two monsters at bay. Katsura, while being controlled by Mugal, ignores Ichinose and controls both the dinosaur and the robot as they destroy the city.
Godzilla comes to the rescue, though he is outmatched by the two titans. While Interpol distracts Titanosaurus with the supersonic wave oscillator, Godzilla is able to focus on attacking Mechagodzilla. Interpol agents infiltrate the aliens' hideout, rescue Ichinose, and kill Mafune and many of the aliens. The remaining aliens attempt to escape in their ship, but Godzilla shoots them down. Katsura, while being embraced by Ichinose, shoots herself to destroy Mechagodzilla. Godzilla, with the help of the oscillator, defeats Titanosaurus, and heads back to sea."

As you might imagine, the final fight is a throwdown of epic proportions.  Here are some highlights from the scrap:

As seen in 'Godzilla vs. Mothra', Godzilla seems to have issues with his center of gravity when it comes to wind attacks.   Titanosaurus flaps his tail which has long and flat scales like a fan to fend of Godzilla and send him tumbling.

I wouldn't call him trained by Freddy Roach or anything, but Godzilla uses striking combos, including a headbutt combo, on the inside of Titansaurus.  Maybe just Balrog.  In the clinch, Godzilla takes advantage.

In a display of incredible power, Titanosaurus punts Godzilla across the Japanese landscape.  Cowboys, sign this guy today.

With a little help from the humans, who use a sonic weapon to disable Titanosaurus, it gives Godzilla enough time to get the advantage on the double-team.  It rips Mechagodzilla's head off and tosses him into a shallow grave Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla had made for Godzilla.  Then it gives Godzilla the space needed to roast Titanousaurus, knocking him into the ocean.

As much as it's not considered one of the best, I enjoyed the movie.  But I"m pretty easy to please when it comes to giant Kaiju monsters throwing down.

Check out the full movie below and see the fight for yourself.  You're welcome.

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