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Sunday, April 20, 2014

FIGHTS/BLOOD - takes in an Indiana Jones 'Action Pack' experience

Bowie V. Ibarra

I'd seen the Alamo Drafthouse offer up shows called 'Action Packs'.  And I've seen plenty of 'Quote-Alongs' being offered as well.  But I've never gone to any of them.

So when Drafthouse offered an 'Action Pack, Quote-Along' screening of 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom', I was wary.  I didn't know exactly how it would play out with one of my favorite movies of all time.  Would it be disrespectful of the movie?  Would it be totally obnoxious?  I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it, but I also didn't want to pass up on getting a chance to see a movie on the big screen that I hadn't seen since 1984.

I took the plunge, and I'm glad I did.

It turns out the 'Action Pack'-themed movie nights at Drafthouse are very similar to a 'Rocky Horror' style viewing.  You get little props to play with as the movie plays, there are actual in-house explosions (This one had a dude that blew up a confetti cannon during the opening fight scene at Club Obi Wan), and there was even someone spraying water on folks during the big finish over the chasm near Pankot Palace.

And in the end, I was probably the most obnoxious one there, as I knew plenty of lines from the movie.  Even though I went with the recommended lines that were displayed at the bottom of the screen every so often throughout the movie, I was encouraged to say all the lines I knew.  As long as I 'quoted along' and not 'quoted before'. 

Bottom line, if you really like a movie and have the chance to see it in a Drafthouse Action-Pack format, do it. It's a great fun experience that you should have.  They're doing another Action-Pack of 'Temple of Doom' in San Antonio.  Check out the details HERE.

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