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Monday, April 7, 2014

FIGHTS: In defense of a Disney bankrolled 'Indiana Jones' series

Bowie V. Ibarra

Okay, hear me out.

First off, I'm the last person who should be getting behind the rumors of an Indiana Jones reboot.  Indiana Jones was my hero as a child.  He was smart, he was tough, and made me want to get an education.  I wanted to be a doctor like Dr. Jones.  And I wanted to be just as tough as him, too.  When folks would run down my character George Zaragoza from my 'Down the Road' zombie horror series, they would say, 'He's a teacher. He can't fight.'  Folks, I point to Indiana Jones.

Anyway, the rumors, which proved false, allegedly, stated that there's a timetable for Harrison Ford to do one more run as the globetrotting archaeologist.  If that timetable is not met, the rumors stated that the series would continue with the established canon with another star, ala the James Bond flicks.

Naturally, the folks opposed came out against that idea.  Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones.  No one else is worthy of taking that title from him.

I feel the same way.  Indiana Jones will always be Harrison Ford.

But just like James Bond would always be Sean Connery to many, many other actors came along and took on the role, perpetuating the franchise.  And because of that cinematic convention of different actors playing the same character, we've been fortunate to have decades of great films about the super spy.  Some were just okay.  Many were fantastic.  And the new series is even greater than it has been before.

So why not do the same with Indiana Jones?  I don't know about you, but I'd love to watch more of the adventures of Indiana Jones play out on the big screen.  More chases.  More fights.  More treasure.  More fun.

Sure, I feel some trepidation as many fans do that Disney will be bankrolling these projects and setting up stories.  I don't want to see an Indiana Jones movie become like 'The Phantom Menace.'  In fact, I want it to be better than 'Crystal Skull'.  I've devoted my life to defending that turd wonderful film from day one and it hasn't been easy.

But in the end, I want to see more Indiana Jones adventures.  New adventures, not a reboot of past films.

My only bugaboo is this.  The rumors had Bradley Cooper as a top contender for the role.  Please, no.  No.  Not Bradley Cooper.

The pick needs to be Andrew Lincoln of 'Walking Dead' fame.  Nothing against Brad Cooper.  Even though Cooper had a very challenging role in 'Midnight Meat Train', he'll always be 'That guy from The Hangover'.   Andrew Lincoln can bring the proper amount of gravitas and respect the role of Indiana Jones deserves.

So if you're going to do it, Disney, just do it.  But please, no Bradley Cooper.

Readers, please, find it in your heart to support a true Indiana Jones franchise as established by Harrison Ford.  But please make it known that Bradley Cooper is not the right pick.

BOWIE V. IBARRA is the author of the supernatural action adventure story 'Room 26 and the Army of Xulhutdul'.  It's about a young woman charged with protecting mysterious ancient relics blessed with supernatural power under a museum in San Antonio, Texas, and the mayhem that ensues.

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