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Monday, April 7, 2014

FIGHTS: Brock breaks Undertaker's Wrestlemania unbeaten streak

Bowie V. Ibarra

No one saw it coming.

Noted wrestling pundit Brandon Stroud had predicted that Undertaker takes the win, extending the ridiculous WrestleMania win streak of one of WWE's biggest legends.  His thinking that he mentioned in the 'Best of Undertaker Streak Matches' piece was that the best time to end the streak was with Randy Orton.  Hell, I think it should have happened against Shawn Micheals the second time.  I did not want it to happen against HHH.  Now that would have sucked.

So in walks Brock Lesnar to face Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX.  Everybody kind of laughed it off because Brock is a 'part-timer' and if the streak was going to be broken, the thinking among fans was it should be for an up-and-comer.

And then it happened.

Brock F-5's one of the biggest legends in WWE.  Everyone thinks 'taker's kicking out.  No one really cares.  We're all expecting Undertaker to pull it out of his ass and take the win.

But the three count hits, and Undertaker is done, just laying on the mat.  Tired.  Old.  Beat.  Finished.

And then the WWE Universe takes a collective shit in their pants.  It was hilarious.

I contend Brock was one of the last few people who should take this win.  Brock has always had Undertaker's number.  Look at their 'Hell in a Cell' match from a few years back. 

You can find other instances of this understated rivalry from the history books and see that Brock has had Undertaker's number.  We forgot that.
This is the match Undertaker wanted anyway.  He asked for it years ago, confronting Brock after one of Brock's wins in the UFC pit.
Well, careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.
The time was ripe.  After 21 solid wars at 'mania, with the last few being the toughest competition he's ever faced, 'taker was on his last legs.  With his youth a thing of the past, the younger, stronger, and crueler Lesnar was ready to take the Undertaker, who was ripe for the picking.  Sure, the match wasn't the greatest Hoss-Style matchup, and it did not have all of the elements of Micheals/Taker I or II.  It was just a cruel beatdown of a legend before millions of fans across the globe.  Reality check.
And the reactions from the world?  Real.  Twenty-One years in the making, and no one saw it coming.
Good pro-wrestling always has a foundation as a metaphor for life, for society.  It should remind us about ourselves, our world.  People we love and idolize get old.  Sure, they remain those young and spirited youths we remember in our mind.  But if Death is the most patient of competitors, then Time is the cruelest.  Time keeps passing by, and with every second that ticks away, makes you older, marks your remaining time alive.  Only death knows the time of the final countdown, when the bells toll. 
21 years is a long time to be a dominant figure in anything.  No one will ever come close to that accomplishment.  For that, we should still revere the Undertaker for that amazing accomplishment.
But another life lesson that we all know is real is that someone always has your number.  My dad used to always tell me, no matter how big or bad a dude is, there's always, always someone out there who's just as big and just as bad, someone that can always put you in check.  Someone that, no matter how hard you try, you just can't beat them.
Look at Sakuraba/Silva.  They fought four different times and Sak could not beat him.  In fact, he got beat worse every time, it seemed.
Look at Shawn Micheals vs. Undertaker.  Shawn had two shots at it and couldn't do it.
Ken Shamrock/Tito Ortiz.  Ken couldn't do it.
No one thought Tyson was going to lose to the no-name James 'Buster' Douglas.  But he did.  Talk about an undefeated streak ending that no one saw coming.  Tyson was 37-0 at the time.  Buster had his number.
Take peace in knowing that the Undertaker never dodged a fight and always challenged himself against high-levels of competition for 21 years.  Undertaker put it all on the line year after year and won. 
Time just ran out.  That's all. salutes The Undertaker.  That was one hell of a run.  And to Brock Lesner.  You beat him clean.  Well done.
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