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Monday, April 7, 2014

FIGHTS: 4 Pro-Wrestling moves I'd like to see in MMA, 6 I Already Have

Bowie V. Ibarra

Alright, I know how ridiculous it sounds.  But I believe there are at least three pro-wrestling moves that could be effectively utilized in MMA.  No, seriously.  They can.

Look, we've already seen the influence of pro-wrestling on the MMA scene.  Many of the early Japanese combatants, including Kazushi Sakuraba, have utilized pro-wrestling moves in MMA.  No, I'm serious.  Check it out.


1.  The Mongolian Chop

Yes, the Mongolian Chop has been used in MMA.  Japanese MMA fighter and pro-wrestler Kazushi Sakuraba used it against Royce Gracie, as well as some other competitors.  You can find it in the link to this highlight reel below at the 2:20 mark.

2.  The Power Bomb

Okay, so the set up for it has not quite been as ridiculous as Kevin Nash putting some dudes head between his legs, waiting five seconds to pose, before lifting the dude up and dropping them on their head and back.  It's a move I always suspected would work from a guard position.  'Rampage' Jackson did it to a dude with tremendous effect.

3.  The German Suplex

Naturally, a move with such a rich Greco-Roman tradition would find its way into MMA.  Dan Severn delivered one of MMA's first and most devastating German Suplexes against Anthony Macias at UFC IV.  There have been many since then throughout MMA.

But perhaps the most spectacular came when Kevin Randalman fought Fedor Emelianenko.  Check it out.


4.  The Giant Swing


Before Antonio Cesaro brought The Giant Swing to the WWE Universe and into mainstream consciousness, I always thought The Giant Swing would be a great way to get out of the guard.

The closest we ever got was when the Wildman Genki Sudo hit one on Craig Oaley.  Truth is, it really is a Giant Swing utilized for a submission maneuver.
5.  The Dropkick


In one of his earliest Pride FC matches, Alexander 'Diet Butcher' Otsuka executed a drop kick against his opponent.  It didn't play out so well.  I guess he needed to bounce the guy off the ropes or something, because he just went for it and the guy moved out of the way.

6.  The Side Headlock

In Pro-wrestling, it's a move used near the beginning of a match to wear down an opponent.

In MMA, it's a finishing move.


1.  DDT

In the unified rules of MMA, there is a rule that states fighters are prohibited from 'spiking' an adversaries foe against the mat.

Would somebody please do it anyway, Jake 'The Snake' style.

2.  The Super Kick

I've seen dudes do left high kicks, spin kicks, even bouncing off the cage to kick a dude in the face.

But I've yet to see a Chris Adams/Shawn Micheals-style Super Kick.  C'mon, MMA guys.

3.  The Heart Punch
It could be done.  Think about it.  A dude has a guy up against the cage, he could grab that dude's wrist, pull it up, and strike.

4.  The Iron Claw
Okay, okay.  The Iron Claw to break the guard?  Dumb move.
But standing?  From the side mount?  From the full mount?
Think about it.

I think what this has demonstrated, above all else is this one fact:  Pro-Wrestling is more dangerous than MMA.
So, did I miss any?  Comment below, leave me a Tweet @wingback20, or connect at the official website below.
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