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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ZOMBIES: "Walking Dead: Say the Word" Wild Speculation - Are Carol and Lori actually alive?

by Bowie Ibarra

A blood trail and a bloodless bullet?
So, this weeks un-internet-researched, non-comic read or spoiler-seen 'Wild Speculation' centers around what an auto tech and Zday enthusiast Thomas at VW observed:

'Why was there a blood trail when Rick found where Lori gave birth?'

We're led to believe the zombie Rick stabbed multiple times after he put it down with a shot in the mouth ate Lori all up:  Skull, bones, clothes.  EVERYTHING!  That's why the zeds belly was so fat and it couldn't even walk anymore.

But think about this for a moment.  We're reminded Carol must be dead, with her scarf being found and Daryl placing a rose on her 'grave'.  Yet we haven't seen her body yet.  Last we saw, she had to bail on T-Dogg and ran out of the prison into a bright back light.

As for Lori, we heard a gunshot along with Maggie and the baby, and suddenly we are led to believe young Carl is this bad ass who just shoot his mother in the face when she turned.  But I remember a Carl that dropped his gun when a zed got un-stuck in the mud near Herschel's farm.

Carol was practicing the c-section on a zed, but never actually performed it on Lori, as planned.  But didn't she mention she also wanted to practice stitching the zed up?

So, here's this weeks 'Wild Speculation':  What if Carl DIDN'T shoot her mom in the face like we were led to believe.  What if, then, Carol found a dying Lori and stitched her up and their both still hiding out in the prison somewhere?

What do you think?  Am I on to something?  Or am I completely off-base?

Comment below with your thoughts, and share the blog with others.

And remember, when the Z-Day hits, be safe and have fun.


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1 comment:

  1. Could be. We haven't seen Lori's body. We don't know that Carl shot her.