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Thursday, October 18, 2012

ZOMBIES: RECAP- The Walking Dead 'Seed' gets planted, Ep.1, Season 3

by Bowie V. Ibarra

So, here's the deal.

I moved to a new apartment.  It didn't have cable.  Not a big deal, all I need to be doing in this town is working and writing.  So it worked out.

But let's face it.  When those three little words all zpoc fanatics hear dance across their ears, you know its time to make it happen when you don't have cable.  And those three little words are 'The Walking Dead'.

Well, cable didn't get hooked up in time, so I had to find an alternative place to watch so my twenty-five noble blog followers could read about's take on the show.  My first need was TV.  My second need was beer.

Lo and behold, the creator of the SATX sensation 'Bloodthirsty Thursday' works at a Black Eyed Pea just a few blocks form my current home.  I checked out the place moments before the world premiere of season three, and guess who was working the bar?  My horrorhound homie, Kelly Warren Hammond!

Is that not the perfect spontaneous picture ever
So without further ado, here's the take on the season 3 opener of 'The Walking Dead' (complete with pics taken from my barstool).

The show opens with what will always be a tribute to the video game 'Resident Evil' to me.  The cliche 'zombie eye'

Naturally, its moments before the zed gets blasted by the WD crew, busting through the house like a SWAT team to loot the place.  Everyone gets a piece of the action, including that young rapscallion, Carl, who does his share of zombie blasting.  More on that curious development later.

They pillage the house, and Daryl even shots a big barn owl for food, which is an ominous start to the series, as owls are sometimes considered harbingers of death.  Not that the dead rising from the grave to attack the living isn't already a bad omen to the future of the living.

At any rate, when surrounding zeds catch wind of the WD crew, they bail and head to their vehicles, including the legendary Hyundai Zombie Death Dealer

They try to figure out their next move when they discover a prison nearby.  Rick decides it would be an amazing place to be safe if they can secure it.  Everyone decides they can do it, and they make a move to secure the prison.  It's a Monroeville Mall for a new generation.

So, one of the things that cracked me up is the fact that Carl apparently became a sharpshooter with a pistol.  This is the same kid that only one season ago shit his pants and couldn't pull the trigger when the zed was stuck in the mud in front of him.  Now, he's hitting headshots on zombies from 100 yards with pistol.  That's right.  A kid is hitting moving targets with a pistol like a military marksman.

Okay, and Rick has to use a scope to get the shot.  I get it.

Great fast start to the show with the mad dash ala Dawn '78 through the prison gates.

Even the preggos Lori gets her some.  And with a pistol at close range.

The show unsubtly sets up the couples, including Daryl and Carol doing their part to secure the yard together as a team.

So, after securing the yard, they settle in to relax.  Carol flirts with Daryl, and Herschel's girls sing an old family song.

The next morning, the WD crew decides they want to take the prison, so they move on it.  They take on dead prisoners and even dead riot guards still in their garb.  They knock one down and rip off their mask, revealing some great Greg Nicotero magic.

 They make their way into the prison, and like some kind of D&D game, they start picking up treasure, so to speak.  One of the biggest pieces of booty found is keys to prison cells on a dead security guard.  I believe this is going to be huge in the coming episodes.

Let's face it.  The keys seem innocuous at first.  But think about it:  whoever has those keys has the power to lock people up.  Those keys are going to be big power pieces as the show advances, I believe.

So they find a secure cell block and settle in, picking cells, apart from Daryl, who is fine with sleeping outside a cell.

Things then start to remind me of 'Women's Prison Massacre' for some reason.

Preggos Lori starts to get anxious about her impending birth, and is set right by Herschel.

Did I mention the mysterious 'Michion' and her jawless and armless pets dismantled some zombie goons with her Hanzo sword.  She's also caring for noted Walking Dead Women's Libber Andrea.  They are adventuring together.

So the WD crew decide to secure more of the cell blocks in the prison and make a move on the dark corridors of the prison.

Great camera shots once again with the lights split by the darkness.

Yikes!  As expected, walking dead prisoners.  But the team is overrun, and Herschel is bit.

Here's one of the bartenders posing for a shot as Herschel's daughter is weeping with fear at the bite on her father's leg.

And here's the zed that bit her dad.  You know those zombie bastards don't last long when they've started munching on friends.

Rick gives Herschel the 'Day of the Dead '84' Miguel treatment by cutting off his leg in the hope of stopping the infection from spreading.  We know how that played out.

Right when you think Herschel's death is the big finish to a grand start to the season, it gets even bigger with the revelation that there are actually prisoners that are still alive and have watched the whole thing play out.

"Holy Shit"
And that's the amazing finish to the fast start that was season 3 of 'The Walking Dead'.

Watch for the keys to play a big part in this season.  And will Hershel have a meltdown like Miguel did in 'Day..'84'?

Only time will tell.


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