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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ZOMBIES: Recap - The Walking Dead 'Walk With Me' into town, Ep. 3, Season 3

by Bowie Ibarra

Welcome back to another recap from the boys and girls at
"I can't get no.... sat-is-fac-tion!"
Episode 3 opens with a Huey flying through the zombie infested sky.  Seems to suggest some military are holding out somewhere.  Too bad for them they get shot out of the sky and crash-land a few miles away from Michone and a still-sick Andrea.  And, naturally, Michone's pack mule zombies.

When they get to the crash site, a group of living roll up on them before they get a chance to investigate.  The crew kills the mortally wounded survivors, helps the only survivor, and disposes of zeds walking to the site.  Michone and Andrea are eventually exposed by the pack mule zombies, who somehow get agitated.  They are captured by an old friend of Andreas:  Daryl's brother, Merle, who now has a bayonet strapped to his stumpy hand.

The two are transported into this secure town, where they are both nursed back into health.  Merle joins them, telling his story of survival and how the people of the town picked him up.  Andrea also catches him up on the deaths since they last met, including Andrea's sister.

As tensions rise, that's when the mysterious man that led the initial team to the crash site appears, giving them the reason for killing the wounded survivors.  He offers them to stay, but says they can leave with assistance.

Instead of leaving, he introduces them to Woodbury, the secured town.  He leads them to a big makeshift barrier where guys with military equipment are defending the gates.  One of the defenders calls the man, 'Governor', and Andrea takes note of that description.  Then, Andrea and Michone are provided lodging.

Truth is, the concept of a city official securing a town was also explored in the title, 'Down the Road: On the Last Day'.  You should check it out.

In the morning, they find the city lively and filled with people living life like nothing ever happened.  They are told they are defended by the townsfolk, and that the interior is safe and has been without incident for months.

The Governor is a busy man.  First, he goes to talk to the survivor from the chopper crash.  The survivor tells his story, then reveals the location of his buddies.

The Governor then goes to a research room in the city.  The researcher tells him that the pack mule zombies were docile since their arms were cut off and jaws knocked out.  He then realizes that the zeds served as camoflauge for Michone, where zombies would not bug her because she walked with the zombies.

The Governor and the researcher feel its best to have supper with the girls to get more intel.  They discover the pack mules were family members of Michone.  At the meal, Andrea gets sweet on the Governor.

The Governor leaves abruptly to join his strike team, who have found the National Guardsmen the pilot mentioned.  The Guardsmen get jumped and all their stuff is taken back to Woodbury, where the Governor plays it off like the Guardsmen died before they got there.  He then gives a budget dictator-style impassioned speech about how the Guardsmen died with honor, but implored the people to realize how lucky they were to have the walls, the city, and the safety.  The obvious subtext was that he was the one responsible for that.

As he leaves his makeshift pulpit, Andrea approaches him.  They share a moment, a spark of interest in each other, when Andrea asks his name.  He doesn't reveal it.

The Governor goes home to pics of his past life and some whiskey.  But there's something strange in the back room of his man-cave:  Pickled human heads, including the helicopter pilot and Michone's pack mule family members.  There are other heads as well, all still dead-alive.


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