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Thursday, April 5, 2012

ZOMBIES: INTERVIEW - Permuted Press author Jackie Druga brings you 'The Flu'

by Bowie Ibarra is happy to have one of Permuted Press' newest writers on the blog today.  Please welcome Jackie Druga!

"Nothing is impossible. Highly unlikely, improbably, but never impossible"
– Super Mario Brothers."

Vital Stats:
Full Name: Jacqueline Druga
Nickname: Jake or Jackie
Primary Specialty: Writer
Secondary Specialty: Musician/DJ/Filmmaker - Jackie, welcome to the blog.

Jackie Druga - Thanks, Bowie, glad to be here! - First off, you mentioned the other day that you are going to miss Wrestlemania 27 because you are going to be DJ’ing.  Where are you going to be the DJ at, and what kind of music do you play?

JD - Ug, don’t remind me! I am so upset that I can’t see the live broadcast. It’s always an event at my house. I make a huge food spread and typically there is some drinking game involved. Usually, I get another DJ to fill in. I didn’t this year. I was misled. 

I have been Dj’ing at the same place, every Sunday for 11 years. It’s called Duke’s Station. They were remodeling and were closing on Sundays. Oddly enough, the entire second half of the Walking Dead Season 2. I was told we wouldn’t reopen until after Easter. Well, they finished early. I am a Karaoke DJ. Now, I do DJ private parties and Weddings, but primarily I KJ 3 nights a week and have been doing it for over a decade. I also MC contests around the city. Soon, I will have an internet radio show about the Apocalypse and Zombies. Hope you’ll be my first guest! - I would love to be your first guest!  Quick question:  What’s the deal with ‘Dubstep/Brostep’?  Any opinions?

JD - Okay, see, every generation tries to ‘offend’ the generation before with music. Dub and Bro are extreme measurse. Dubstep is to AC/DC  as Today’s rap is to Sugar Hill Gang of the 70’s. They just gave it a name now. Upped it. Intensified it and gave it a ‘WTF’ appeal. Make sense? - And since you mentioned enjoying pro-wrestling and MMA, who are some of your favorite athletes that you like to watch?

JD - Ah, If you wanna go old school. Shamrock and Mir. With wrestling though, I love Punk. Love him. He is amazing. But my all time favorite is Shawn Michaels. I have a life size cardboard cutout of him in my writing room and have taught my 3 yr old grandson the entire Sexy Boy entrance. Shawn is the inspiration behind Hal in my PA Series, Beginnings. - Tell us a little bit about 'The Flu'?

JD - The Flu is a recent release and is completely different than anything else they have. It is character driven and really emotional. Reality based, I try to bring the reader into the hearts of the residents of this small town. Know them, love them and get crushed when some of them die.  I try to make people feel, whether it’s laughing or crying. I have often been chastised for having too much humor in my PA books. - In your opinion, why is zombie horror so popular nowadays?

JD - Because we’re out of the closet and it’s okay to be out about loving zombies.. Like with the military, being a Zombie fanatic had an unspoken, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule. People used to think it was weird. Now it is just plain cool. I think the fixation is on the fact that it is so scary and unexplainable. Walking Dead? Flesh eating? Sort of like the skeletons of your past, just when you think they are dead, they rise. No one wants to face the consequences of that. - When you have time to read, who are some of your favorite authors, and some of your favorite books?

JD - King. I love Stephen King, although I don’t love everything he writes. My dream is to have him call me and say he read my book. Or one of them. I also read Pat Frank (Old school) Brian Keene, and Craig DiLouie. And not just because Craig is a Permuted Author, he is just damn amazing. - What are some zombie movies you enjoy?

JD - Unlike a lot of people, I love the Dawn of the Dead Remake. While they aren’t zombies, 28 Days later. They top my favorite lists. If you were to put together a set for people who just wanted to party their way to oblivion at the club during the Zpoc, what tunes would you play?

JD - Ready? I can see it. I’m a petite person, 5’2, hundred pounds but I have that loud, enthusiastic, DJ voice that is deep with dramatic pauses. “Ladies and Gentlemen … welcome … to … the end .. of .. the world …” BLAST – It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN … that would be the start of the show, always gets people cheering and jumping. Then I’d go even more old school, Invincibleby Benatar, followed Living on a Prayer. - Any other projects we can look forward to?

JD - I’m always writing, Bowie. Always. I have a chick flick style book, Until, coming out in two weeks. But also, in two weeks, my handy dandy ‘how to’ book, Surviving the Apocalypse. Sleepers 2 is slated for an April release, Zombie Battle 4 and 5 are coming up as well this summer. One of my movies is available on Amazon, 19 Doors. It’s okay, low budget, I didn’t film it, only wrote it.

I also am in the middle of filming ‘Tomorrow When the World is Gone’, a PA Indy film which we hope to wrap this summer. - Where can readers find out more about you?

JD - All they have to do is either Facebook me or do a search engine. I have a lot of work out there and am easy to find, I love to meet new people. And of course, if there’s anything they want to know, post it on my Facebook, I am positive one of my off kilter offspring would reply with an outlandish answer. - Thanks, Jackie.
JD - No, thank you, Bowie


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