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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FIGHTS: RCW Celebrates 10 Years!

by Bowie Ibarra

It was another great event at the Good Shepherd Church gym as River City Wrestling celebrated their 10 year anniversary.  Here's some pics from the event.

The sinister Sith Shadow Council was on hand helping raise some funds for the March of Dimes.  For some sinister dudes, they're doing good for the San Anto community.

It looks like The Minister Rick Davis has allowed FELICIA back to her announcing duties.  I was scared for a second that she might be a brainwashed, mind-controlled robot.  But she wasn't, thank goodness.  She was the same old cheerful Felicia.  However, it seems Rick Davis did not allow Felicia to wear her great clothes and shoes to the event.  It's time for Davis to give Felicia her clothes back.

The show opened with HONKY KONG, LITTLE KONG, and KYRA MAYA making it to the ring.  It looks like Maya hit it off with Kong, and their taking the power of their relationship to the ring.  A couple that wrestles together stays together.

They took it to MUERTE and NEMESIS.

Kong even had bananas for the crowd.  I'll take the healthy snack. 

KISSY DYER tagged up with a dude from Monterrey, Mexico.  They were managed by PALOMA.  This team took on the tag team champs DARCY and PINK, TEAM DP.  It was a solid contest that ended up going to Dyer and the kid from Monterrey.  I'll call them the Tex-Mex Connection.

HEADHUNTERS A & B took on BIGG DOGG and GALVAN in a tag match.

Headhunter A takes to the sky.

But Ben Galvan returns the favor.

Headhunter A and B took the victory.  Yet again, they claimed there was no competition for them in RCW and called out HERNANDEZ.

RAY ROWE took on MICHEAL "THE LARGEDOR" FAITH in a grudge match.  These two guys pounded on each other in a brutal match.

Faith hit a suplex.

It was returned by Rowe, who was then suplexed again by Faith.

But Rowe came back with yet another suplex.

Sith Council mixed it up during intermission. 

A great bday highlight was meeting SHELLY MARTINEZ.

And its always a treat to see one of the best female wrestlers in pro-wrestling, ALISSA FLASH.

And I have to admit, it was a great bday weekend to have the RCW arena sing happy birthday to me in the ring.

When you go to an RCW event, you always have to be ready to boo this hairy bag of tapioca, JOEY SPECTOR, who was one of the competitors in the RCW Star Battle Royal and Fan Strap Match.

GORGEOUS GEORGE was the guest referee for the battle royal.  Winner got a date with her.

I have to say one of the competitors that really shined in this match was LALA.  She was crazy, powerful, and showed a lot of pro-wrestling skill.  In fact, she was my favorite to win.

Here she is helping to initiate one of the students of the RCW school.

Here she is joining CLAUDIA DE SOLIS in a double suplex on Spector.

Here's Spector getting the crap whipped out of him by the fans.  And the fans were rabid this time around.

Winner of the Battle Royal was the REFEREE won the match.  Dates always seem to start out right when you're grabbing your date by the arm like that.  Play your cards right, Ref.  Play your cards right.

 Shelly Martinez then made her way to the ring to be in the corner of ALISSA FLASH. 

Flash looked great as usual, holding her coveted RCW International Title.

Martinez hangs out on the ropes for Flash.

Flash took on RCW Heavyweight Champ AJ SUMMERS, and took it to the smallest RCW champion with science early.

She even slapped on her signature leglock.  I know for a fact she had never slapped on that leglock on legs that were so small.  But she did it.

Spector was at ringside, but Flash made sure to take care of them both with a double dropkick.

Then she hit her Air Raid on Summers.

But then the Headhunters came in to wreck shop.  They took advantage of Martinez after Flash was hurt.

Then they sandwiched her with a double avalanche in the ring.

Before completely crushing her with a top rope splash, Hernandez came out for the big save.

"Hey, uh... Hernandez... a little help down here."

He then accepted the Headhunters challenge, saying he would call in a favor from his old LAX running buddy, Homicide.  He made it a 'Fans bring the weapons" match.  Meanwhile, Shelly lay in the ring hurt.  For a little bit.

I don't know about you, but I think Hernandez calling out The Headhunters to a 'weapons' match, any weapons match, is insane.  These guys are known the world over for brutal hardcore matches.  The first time I saw these two big dudes was in a glass barricade match from Japan.  I think this might work against the confident reformation of LAX.  But we'll soon see.

Thanks again, RCW, for another great show.  Here's to another 10 years!


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