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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FIGHTS: ACW Peace, Love, and balcony throws with Anarchy, 2012

by Bowie Ibarra

What a day to have a birthday.  It's the monthly Anarchy Championship Wrestling event, and it was a blast as usual.  Here are some pics from the event.

I make it to the arena in time for MOJO BRAVADO (JoJo Bravo/Jordan Jenson) vs. PIERRE ABERNATHY and DAVEY VEGA.  I know the above picture looks like JoJo and Vega were auditioning for 'Human Centipede 3", but it was Vega keeping JoJo out of the ring for the Abernathy submission on Jensen.

Pierre-Mania was running wild.  Or should I say 'Ierre-Mania'?

Yeah.  I guess it's 'Ierre-Mania'.

JC BRAVO and CHINGO took on each other in a serious grudge match. returned just in time to tear the 'Chris Trew sucks' sign of DESTINY, the girlfriend of noted internet wrestling pundit BRANDON STROUD, as Stroud looks on, having had a vegan pizza delivered courtesy of Hoboken Pizza.

ACW SuperFan Shannel had a question for Chris Trew.

King of the Underground Scot "Best in Texas" Summers was on hand to team with Darin Childs and the 'Springwood Slasher' Christopher Wolfenstein.  The last time Chris Trew was at ACW, Scot Summers destroyed the pro-wrestling manager with a spear when Trew tried to force an acquisition to his stable on Summers.

As you might imagine, Summers was the first to give Trew a hard time, assaulting the hobo manager and smashing his glasses.

But Killah Ka$h had something for Summers.  And that 'something' was a steel spike that you can see in his right hand.

After Kash took Summer's eye, he then called Trew to the ring.

Money changed hands, and it was clear Trew put out a bounty on Summers.

Just like Sean Payton, New Orleans seems to bread some dirty players in the game.

At least now he can't read signs.  Not that he could read before that anyway.  And it's a good thing, too.

Blind mother f**ker.

With Summers out, Jerry Lynn was on hand to take his place for his team against Ka$h and SILVER/DeLaCRIMOSA.

Jerry Lynn took a moment and respectfully called out ACW standout, Davey Vega back to the ring for a match.  

Vega answered the call.  And it was a great scientific matchup...

... even SuperFan Shannel was torn...

... as the two locked up.  It was a great match until...

... until Vega's Submission Squad friends came out and forced the Vega victory by interfering in the match.

There's GELISTICO with a taunt of support.

RACHEL SUMMERLYNN took on MATTHEW PALMER in a Hardocre Title Match that got absolutely wild.  Here's Palmer giving Summerlynn a Figure Four in the ropes.

The madness eventually made its way to Mohawk's new balcony, which they both took advantage and initiated.  First with Palmer...

Then a duet...

Here's a video, courtesy Brandon Stroud of Best and Worst of Raw.

LADY POISON took on Illinois competitor SERENITY in a rough matchup.

After Poison took the win, Summerlynn showed up and challenged Poison.

MACHIKO tried to help to no avail.

ANGEL BLUE, clad in a Ric Flair-style robe, made her way to the ring to defend her Joshi Title against BARBIE HAYDEN.

After taking the victory, Blue talked trash on the mic.  

She said there was no competition until the Canadian Mexican, Portia Perez, answered the challenge. 

Blue then ate a Perez SuperKick.  It's Game on!

JAYKUS PLYSKIN upped his douchebag level a few notches this weekend by giving ACW Champ ACH a hard time all night, even before their match that also featured GARY JAY and SHAWN VEXXXX. 

I want the idiot ref to notice that there are also weapons on Plyskin's shorts.  Those studs are not legal and I'm going to let the Texas State Athletic Commission know.

Vexx Flies!

So does ACH.

Then after the match, there was another standoff.

Plyskin even called ACH the 'n' word.  I don't think I've ever heard that word used in a pro-wrestling show in a long time, and it lit a fire under ACH and the fans.

Then, he called him an "RCW Reject".  What?

As a blogger, I've tried to stay out of this shit.  But since this keeps coming up over and over with this douchebag, let's talk about it.

So, again, out of nowhere, Plyskin randomly continued his bizzare rant against San Antonio promotion, River City Wrestling.  I don't know what beef he has with them, and I don't care.  I know other wrestlers have beef as well, but don't bring it up at shows every chance they get.  As a fan, I just show up for great pro-wrestling and a good time, wherever I can find it.  As much as I'm familiar with some of the politics in the organizations around here and the chisme about the wrestlers, I don't claim to be an expert about the gossip.  I'm not out to be the Texas indy TMZ.  I'm certainly not going to blog about the wild rumors.

All I know is RCW puts on shows I enjoy and have fun at.  ACW puts on shows I enjoy and have fun at.  Plyskin gives RCW free press every time he brings them up, and I don't know why he needed to call ACH an 'RCW reject'.  I imagine no one else in the arena knew why, either.  So why bring it up?  

Whatever that sewing circle gossip Plyskin is talking about and whether it's true or not, other facts remain for all to see.  Absolute Intense Wrestling thought ACH was alright.  Beyond Wrestling thought ACH was pretty good, advancing to the finals of the "Tournament for Tomorrow".  Combat Zone Wrestling thought ACH was good enough to compete in the Best of the Best 2012 as well.  And ACH is STILL the ACW champ.  ACH is a fantastic representative for the glory and good of this Texas Wrestling renaissance that seems to be occurring right now.  I never thought a tough guy like Plyskin was the jealous type.

 And Plyskin acts like he's never worked at RCW before.  Truth is, he accepted RCW money to wrestle there years ago and I have the match on DVD (RCW Texas Explosion: Texas vs. Japan) in which he competed.  So I don't know what his problem is.  As a fan, Plyskin better concentrate on ACH on his ACW home turf, because that guy is one of the best in the sport right now.  And ACH will beat him up if he's not on his best game and preoccupied with dumb shit.

You know what?  Since he keeps bringing it up, if Plyskin has that big of a problem with RCW, then Hernandez has been talking this same kind of weird trash as well.  I have not wanted to address it here because this kind of politicking upsets me as a fan, even when Hernandez seems to take potshots at one of ACW's own and one of my favorites.  Maybe Plyskin and Hernendez need to stop talking their shit at shows and on videos representing their promotion and lock it up in the ring.  As a fan, I'd pay to see that.  Hell, I already pay good money at least once a month to watch ANYONE kick Plyskin and The Takeover's asses!

At any rate, ACH then punked out Plyskin by pointing out the facts.  One of those being that he IS stupid for talking trash about RCW because a majority of the ACW fans don't attend RCW shows and don't care about his issues with them.  The ACW faithful of Austin love their ACW, as I do as well.  And ACH also got in Plyskin's face for being the giant douchebag that he is.

That's about the time that Vexxx decided he needed to assault ACH as well.  Why Vexxxx is doing the heavy lifting for Plyskin is beyond me.  But this rivalry between these three athletes is turning into a blood feud quick.  I think I speak for a lot of the ACW fans when I say I look forward to watching this feud play out.

Again, another great ACW show, and another great time with the ACW fans, friends, and wrestlers.  Thanks again!  I look forward to next month!


Bowie Ibarra is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press and Simon and Schuster.  His latest upcoming book, "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire", is a combat-sports themed book featuring as one of the fighters a Mexican luchador who crosses over into MMA.  It will be available in paperback, Kindle, and other e-reader versions.

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