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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FIGHTS: Review - "Becoming the Queen of Wrestling", the Sara Del Rey DVD by Bowie Ibarra

Last month, I had the chance to see one of the greatest female pro-wrestlers in the business today.  Her name's Sara Del Rey, and she's awesome.  She participated in an Evening Gown match at the ACW Prom in May.  Here's my recap, in case you missed it:

ACW Prom: Nothing Is As Real as a Dream, '11

I had a great time and had some dough ready to pick up some Sara swag.  I was hoping to grab a shirt, but was fine with picking up a copy of her DVD.  She was cool enough to sign it, too.

I've watched the DVD several times now and feel it was totally worth the money.  There's lots of great SdR action that any fan will enjoy, with few shortcomings.

The DVD opens with an old country song about a wrestling queen.  It's a very obscure song with a bit of a somber tone to it, even though just a few lyrics were included, along with a banjo accompaniment.  It kind of gave me a "The Wrestler" vibe as I went into the first match.

Sara getting ready to whip ass at the ACW Prom Evening Gown match
The DVD is filled with great matches.  The first, against MsChif, is an amazing and hard hitting affair.  There is a wild Tapatia that Sara delivers to MsChif that needs to be seen to be believed.

The second match is against Hailey Hatred.  Hailey comes out fast on all cylinders, but Sara shuts her down.  I thought it was a great example of Sara's skill, as she slowed down the match and put herself in the driver's seat.  When Hailey tried to get momentum, Sara quickly shuts her down.

This is the match, however, that I had a hard time enjoying fully, as the organization had the announcer commenting over the sound system at the venue.  Still a good match in spite of that.

Third match features her fight with Daizee Haze in ACW for the first Queen of Queens title.  This is a good match, with the power of Del Rey against the speed of Haze.

The fourth match is against Alexxis from NWA Ringsport.  This match is pretty much a Del Rey wrestling clinic, as Alexxis was valiant, but outmatched.

Then business picks up again with a great match against Daffney with Remix Pro.  This one is worth the price alone.

It finishes with a tremendous Falls Count Anywhere match against JAPW rival Hailey Hatred.  Hailey and Del Rey take it into the arena itself, throwing down among the fans in a really cruel match.  This is a great finish to the full matches.

The final part of the DVD is clipped matches from her matches in Japan.  She takes on a masked woman named Bullfight, then mixes it up with Awesome Kong.  In typical Japanese fashion, they glam Sara up for the promo spot as a contrast to the "evil" Kong.  The clipped match itself is great, with Sara showing amazing power with several tremendous throws on Kong.  You've got to see it!

Then, there is a clipped match with Natalia "Natural Light" Neidhart.  It's a simple finish to a tremendous DVD.

The quality varies, but all of the matches are watchable.  Since she grabbed them from many sources, every match looks different.  But they are all worth the price.  Let's face it.  She's an indy queen.  And like the indies, she's just trying to make it happen.  So it works for me.  I can relate.

I think the best part of the DVD is it really showcases one of Sara's strengths, and that is her awareness of the things going on around her.  The few times I've seen her in person, I found her to have an uncanny awareness of what's happening all around her.  The first time I set eyes on her in person, she was walking down the stairs at Hooligans in San Antonio.  I knew her reputation as a bad ass, and didn't want her to whip my ass, so I backed away and made room for her.  She looked at me with a cruel smugness and said, "Yeah, you better get out of the way."  She was my hero from that moment on.

Even in matches, she's aware of what people are saying.  One minute, you might not think she's listening to the trash you are talking to her.  The next, she turns to you in the ring and actually comes back with a emphatic remmark.  You might not think she was listening, but she was.  And she knows who you are.  You see that several times in this DVD.

So, in short, if you want to have a great custom DVD from The Queen of Wrestling, grab this DVD the first chance you get.  I did.

Bowie Ibarra is the author of the combat sports story "Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire" and the upcoming sequel, "Pit Fighters: Double Cross", available from

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