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Saturday, July 2, 2011

FIGHTS - UFC 132 Results: Silva/Leben, Faber/Cruz

Hey, everyone.  I found Wanderlai Silva's jaw.

I knew, like everyone else who keeps up with the fight game, that Silva/Leben was going to end in the first round.  These two are two of the most vicious, unscientific fighters to ever grace a fight space with their brutality.  It took less time than I thought it would, with Silva falling to a wild looping forearm before clinching.  Silva tried to knee, but the wild Leben attacked quickly with uppercuts, putting Silva away.

It's time for Silva to hang it up and put him out to pasture with Chuck Liddell.  He lost his chin and his edge.  Maybe the Ferttitas or Dana can hook him up with a door greeter gig at a casino in Vegas.  I'm sure they have the hook up.

As for Faber/Cruz:  Amazing!  What a great fight.  Faber is a tremendous fighter, and Cruz is, too.  But Faber had no real answer for Cruz's unorthodox attack.  Great five round fight given to Cruz, who dominated Faber.

To all those who think this fight was close, could you seriously help me with your opinion.  With the fact that UFC always gives the edge to the person with the most takedowns, and fighters even train to takedown and not do anything with it, how could you think Faber was even close when Cruz had near double digit takedowns. 

When reversals are not scored, takedowns are at a premium when it comes to scoring.  Ask Alan Belcher after his match with Akiyama.

The two main events to UFC 132 did, however, blow the much-hyped Klitchko/Haye bout out of the water.  C'mon, boxing.


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