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Saturday, July 26, 2014

FIGHTS: welcomes the von Erich's of the new millenium

Bowie V. Ibarra

One notable bit of pro-wrestling news since blog has been on hiatus is the arrival of Ross and Marshall von Erich at Slammiversary XII.  The son's of Texas wrestling legend Kevin von Erich, it was their first nationally televised appearance, and one of Kevin's rarest visits to the state where the helped build the reputation of Texas wrestling with his family: Daddy Fritz, and brothers David, Kerry, Mike, and Chris.

Big brother Ross and little brother Marshall are the future of the Von Erich family.  The brothers were trained by the legendary Harley Race and the NOAH Pro-Wrestling dojo in Japan, so they've got a legit foundation in the traditions of the past as well as current trends and styles.  Their wrestling pedigree is strong, and though they still look a little green, hopes they continue to carry the torch not only for pro-wrestling, but for the high standards of Texas wrestling.

I'm also very thankful that these two guys are carrying the von Erich torch, as I was afraid Lacey (Kerry's daughter) was the last one to carry the tradition. wishes them continued success and growth as they move into the future to help propel pro-wrestling into the future.

Fast forward to the 30min mark in the video below to watch their match with The Bromans. 

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