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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FIGHTS: via James Roy Daley and BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS blog: The Giangregorio Saga

I just thought I'd reblog this story from a colleague of mine named James Roy Daley.

Considering it is a kind of FIGHT from a girl trying to get her foot in the door and getting hosed, I thought it would be right to help spread the word on her (and others) behalf.

This story makes me feel very fortunate that I found people like Travis Adkins, Jacob and the boys and girls at Permuted Press, and Dr. Pus of Twisted Library Press.  I speak only for myself in that they have been fair and square with me, provided me a professional opportunity, and are all people I can trust.

With the new publishing technology, its sad to see that this Giangregorio guy is taking advantage of people just like me who are just trying to share the stories in their head with anyone who would give them a chance.  We're just trying to put our best foot forward for the opportunity, and I'm sad that people take advantage of other people's art.

Please read and share the blog below from James Roy Daley's 'Books of the Dead Press' blog.

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