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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FIGHTS: PCW returns in south Texas

by Bowie Ibarra

Wrestling fans who have been keeping up with the Texas indy scene over the years, some might remember Professional Championship Wrestling that ran out of Dallas, Texas.  They had a run for several years.

Apparently, they went away for a while but resurfaced this weekend in Fischer, Texas, where they put on an event at the Cowboys For Jesus arena.  I happened to be driving near the area and thought I'd give it a visit.  Here's some notes on what went down.

One of the people helping to get PCW off the ground was one of its featured stars, Jeromy Sage.  Sage put together a card to see who would be the best wrestlers to vie for the vacant PCW title.

-- 'The Party' took on a dude from Iowa.  It was speed vs. power, with the speedy 'Party' taking the victory.

--- LANCE HOYT was one of the headliners for the event.  Here he is before is opening round match against  'The Lumberjack' BOBBY LAMBERT.

But before the match could get off the ground, a contingent of Branded Outlaw Wrestling competitors showed up.  The infamous Ray the Voice led JAYKUS PLYSKIN, ANDY DALTON, and JAX DANE into the arena.  They called Fischer, Texas part of their territory, and demanded PCW show respect to the fledgling promotion.

That's when the gloryhound 'One Man' Mike Dell came to the ring to take the side of PCW.  With Dell and Dalton in their gear, Sage sanctioned an impromptu match between the two.

Dell put Dalton to the test.  In his signature fashion, Dalton got under the skin of not only Dell, but the crowd as well.

Though Dell dazzled Dalton with a high-impact attack, Dalton won via holding the ropes for leverage.

ACW star Matt Palmer showed up taking on D3.  The experienced Palmer put D3 to the test.

Palmer slaps on a Camel Clutch on D3.

Palmer slams D3.

In the end, the sneaky D3 pulled off the victory.

A ladies match was also on the card, pitting ANGEL BLUE versus the Kentucky menace MISS MAULIE. Blue has never endeared herself to the crowd, and the always stunning Maulie garnered the support of the crowd.

The girls worked science early and often, including groundwork that focused on attacking the ankles and knees.  In the end, Angel took the victory.

The impromptu main event rolled around after the BOW wrestlers bargained with Sage to mention the upcoming BOW show in SA in exchange to have Hoyt and Lambert face Dane and Plyskin.  It was a simple choice and the two tag teams threw down.

Dalton was still at ringside, and he took every opportunity to cheap shot the PCW duo.

Plyskin snapmares Lambert out of the corner.

It's been a while since I've seen Dane, and it seems like he's gotten even bigger since the last time I saw him. He's a beast.

Hoyt hits a clothesline on Plyskin.

Things quickly got out of hand and the BOW guys too advantage of Hoyt and Lambert.  But Mike Dell returned to the ring to even the odds, smashing Dalton with a solid spear tackle.

With the other two BOW members out of the ring, Lambert hit is 'Timber' Delayed Suplex for the victory.

And in the end it was all smiles for PCW, having defended the land they claimed from BOW's alleged territory.

But I imagine the BOW crew will be back to lay siege to PCW in the future to reclaim the land they believe was taken from them.  And considering Plyskin had to be assisted out of the ring, they might be back sooner than later.  Word comes it was a stinger.  You hate to see that happen.  But fact is Plyskin picked the fight, and sometimes injuries are the price of admission.

Here's hoping he gets well soon, because I'm ready to pay another 10-15 bucks to watch someone else beat him up again soon.

All in all it was a fun event.  The new wrestling crowd needed to get warmed up at first.  But with great wrestling talent and antagonists like Dalton and Angel Blue, it didn't take too long for everyone to have a good time.

Here's to continued success with PCW and whatever direction they choose to take the company in the future.


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