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Saturday, May 25, 2013

BLOOD/FIGHT: Female Blood Fight tournament turns shoot fight

Bowie Ibarra is always bringing the best in Zombie, Blood, or Fight related stories to you, the reader.  And this entry is no different.  In fact, you might say it has all three in one live evening.  On this special occasion, Gore Noir Magazine sponsored BloodLust 2013in good ol' San Antonio, Texas.  SATX has always had a great horror community, and it was great to come together in a wild night of art, gruesomely beautiful photography, and FEMALE BLOOD FIGHTS, BABY!!!  WOOOO!!

Here's how it went down.
The pool was set down, like an empty canvas.  And then the blood was poured in.  In truth, I was hoping a goat was sacrificed on stage, or in the very least, a goat had its throat cut and blood drained before every edible part of its body was cooked and everyone was served cabrito.  Hey, it's San Antonio.  It could happen.
Turns out the blood was a mixture of chocolate and... chocolate, but it was red.  I'm down.
And so were the first contestants.  A girl named Suzy Hellcat was the first contestant.  She arrived on the stage with a beer in hand.  Clearly, indulging in a little alcohol is the key to victory.  She had a size advantage on her adversary, and though I thought being top-heavy was going to serve the faster opponent, the adversary could not get past Suzy's power game.
Snaps from the first round scrap below.

The next bout of the first round had two very enthusiastic ladies ready to mix it up.  And boy did they.

The loser of the second round matchup enjoyed posing for pictures sucking her 'bloody' thumb for the fans.

In the next matchup, noted pin up/alt-fashion/fetish/gore/horror model and my personal favorite to win the event, Marcy Horror, was in attendance.  Having relocated to Texas, she was ready to mix it up with her first round opponent.

Art was also put on display.  I picked up this punk rock princess work for a great price from vendor Crypt Keeper Creations.  Check them out, and give her some business.

This lovely was modeling her sexy dead zombie soldier look.  When I asked her what inspired the outfit, she said it was dedicated to her husband.  He's a soldier in the military.  He's also still alive.
What would Freud say?

Obscuri Photography was on hand to provide your own gory fantasy photo shoot.  Ever wanted to take that pic with your throat slit, but just couldn't convince the Wal-Mart photo lady it was a good idea?  We-he-hell, now you can!

I had the opportunity to take a pic with Marcy before her second round bout.  Here she is, prepping for the bout with a Blue Hawaiian.

Here she is again, because, lets face it, you just can't get enough Macy Horror.
Yes, that's right.  Her shirt reads, 'BloodSlut'.  Good times.
And again.  A friend said she looked like Jodya Arias.  I don't see it.  Do you?
And then another holy crap moment was seeing Gore Noir's own poster girl, Suzy Rubbish, was in attendance as well.  I remembered Suzy from her slit throat Madonna pic from a magazine months before.
Via Obscuri Photography Facebook Fan page, the Slit-Throat Madonna.

Also, if you like the photo, get a print for yourself for $25 bucks (cheap!) to help raise funds for Gore Noir, who had all their stuff ripped off from their trip from Cali to Texas in Arizona.  C'mon, Joe Arpio, you asshole.  Get on it!
The starting price is $25 but I encourage you to go above and beyond that to help out!

This link is for the $25 its for paypal and credit and debit cards as well.
So, anyway, here's the pic with Suzy.  She was also super awesome.

Because two are better than one.
Fans were lined up waiting for the second round, when the final pairing from the first round came in.  I thought for sure someone had put in a ringer.

And away they went, working the Greco-Roman style.

Full mount on the ringer.

Suzy Hellcat returned and was ready to mix it up.  She took the next round victory to take it to the finals.

Attitudes started to change at around this point in the bout.

Marcy returned to take on the wild one.  She advanced to the final in a compellingly playful encounter.

So, before the final round, we were treated to a great and bloody burlesque piece in which the protagonists has captured two people and tied them to chairs.  She slices the neck of the first captive, resulting in a spray of blood and the protagonist disrobing.

That's when she approached the second victim and pulled out the buzz saw.

Having cut her open, she then proceeded to pull out her entrails and eat them, also disrobing some more.  Remember, we're still doing burlesque here.

This was a fun moment, when she threw the entrails at the crowd before slowly and oh-so-seductively removing her thigh-highs.

Now that was something you don't see every day.
And then came the final of the 2013 BloodLust Female Blood Wrestling tournament.
Marcy Horror vs. Suzy Hellcat for the title of World BloodFight Champion.

This is pretty much the moment when shit got real.  Hellcat wanted the title, and what had been a playful romp in the choco-blood became a shoot fight of the craziest proportions.

Hellcat snuck in a neck choke here.  I thought Marcy was going to lose one of her gauges in her ear as the bloodfight became a San Antonio streetfight.

Hellcat cranked a headlock.

But Marcy was able to escape and take Hellcat's back at the buzzer.

The two finalists waited in anticipation for the crowd to help the judges decide.

Winner, and new champ, Marcy Horror.

And a show of sportsmanship at the end.

It was a great and blood night filled with blood fights, hot bloody women, and bloody good beer.
This is Bowie Ibarra reporting for


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