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Sunday, June 3, 2012

FIGHTS: Snaps from ACW Prom 2012

By Bowie Ibarra

ACW prom lived up to the fun it was hyped to be.  Here's some pictures from the event.

The braggart Jensen takes a seat.

Centerfold Matt Palmer focuses his chi and hits Jensen with an energy strike.

Angel Blue.

Athena hits the O-Face on Barbie Hayden.

She's such a prissy little brat.

Lady in Red (and white) 

More Blue.

And Red (and white).  Look at those yummy heels!

Barry Savant and Angel Blue share a moment.

Rachel, Machiko, some dude dressed like a girl, and Skyler Skelly make it to the ring.

Stan 'da sinna' Summers sticks up for his friend, Scot, but gets chokeslammed for his efforts.

Jerry Lynn has something to say about that.

And provides a distraction for Scot to get a measure of revenge.

This guy had one of the best prom outfits.

LaMotta vs. Chingo

Jensen getting sleazy, rubbing his avocado on Bravo.

It's battle of the Bravos (JC and JJ) in the ring.

Jensen was unkind to Lillie Mae, who threw beer on him when he kicked her cup on her.

Battle of the Bravos.

JC attacks JJ's genitals.

"Choo-choo" says Slim Sexy.

Davey Vega stretches Su Yung.

Takeover member Jaykus Plyskin attacks Electric Co. member Bolt Brady.

Lillie Mae makes a fan happy.

Chingo works science on LaMotta.

Bravos battle.

Centerfold Matt Palmer.

Athena works her magic wand all over the crowd.

The Centerfold is a real panty-puller, having seduced Lady Poison last year.  I imagine this evening worked out the same for him.

Mixed tag action.

Athena punishes Yung.  No free rides in ACW.

MoJo Bravado made a statement against Vega and Palmer.

Su Yung pulls the trunks for the win.

Rachel Summerlyn.

Pierre Abernathy vs. Robert Evans

The madness of Evans.

Evans locking on a Scorpion Deathlock.

Noted wrestling blogger and WWE pundit Brandon Stroud disputes the tainted result.

He was upset because Evans used a wrench before the match even started.

A highlight was the abrupt arrival of The Kings of the Underground (Summers and Genesis).  They have been running roughshod over the Texas indy scene, and have now made their way to ACW.  That's very bad news for all tag teams in ACW.

They fight who they want, when they want.

Portia Perez sports a Cookie Monster prom dress.

Not to be outdone, tag partner Rachel Summerlynn sports a Big Bird dress.

One of ACW's best SuperFan moments:  FanArchist Anna gives Angel Blue a piece of her mind as Blue enters to 'Queen', Anna's favorite band.  She wasn't happy the blue meanie used it, and showed her displeasure.

Lady Poison makes her way to the ring like the belle of the ball.

Once a great friendship.  Now a bizarre rivalry.

Robert Evans appears on the scene to make up to former GF (in his mind) Perez.  He presents her with flowers and a very creepy gift:  A pic of Portia with Portia's young family member.  Dubya-Tee-Eff?

More action was to come, featuring ACH, Gary Jay, Plyskin, and Vexx.  But I ran out of battery.

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