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Sunday, May 29, 2011

FIGHTS: UFC 130-Excitement in Reverse...

UFC 130 goes to show that a card that looks like garbage on paper might actually be better than originally anticipated.  However, it was excitement in reverse.  What does that mean, Blogger?  The best matches were at the beginning, starting with the opening PPV match (Stann vs. Santiago), peaking at Browne/Sturve, then falling into the pooper with Mir/Nelson and Rampage/Hamill.


It was a great pleasure to watch the former Marine Brian Stann completely dominate Brazillian Jorge Santiago.  The Marine beat up the former Sengoku Champ with serious punches and kicks.  He had a great fighting style, sticking in the pocket and dominating Santiago on the feet. 

Great example of an MMA arm punch hook by Santiago
 Santiago tried to keep up with the brutal Jarhead, but to no avail.  Punches that would usually make the average MMA practitioner back up in a straight line had no effect on Stann.
Great example of a Marine making some extra cash outside of work.

This just makes me smile.
 So, in the end, a great opening to the pay per view.  This will just get better, right?

Then, THIAGO "THE PITBULL" ALVES took on young upstart RICK STORY in what I thought was going to be a bout of the Pitbull stomping the no-name newcomer.  But I was pleasantly suprised to see this guy Story sticking in the pocket and also making the Brazillian look stupid, showing a toughness I never expected.  Story came away with the win, which was awesome. 

Can I get a USA chant?

She's watching you... or trying to join the Illuminati...
I might be behind on the times, but was this Kim Winslow's debut as a ref?  First time I've seen a woman ref an MMA bout.  Hell, any combat sports in general.  The fiery redhead had a long braid that  fell down her back and was ready to officiate.  Truthfully, I thought she did well and didn't interfere with the work of the ring girls. 

My hats off to you, Kim.  Good job, and way to open the door for women officiators.  Just don't be like that other redheaded bespectacled lady from the commission that used to call off fights quick from outside the cage.

Oh, and see if you can talk Gina Carano into officiating as well before "Cyborga" mauls her again.

I hate you, Travis Browne
What was turning into a lackluster fight ended with a sonic boom as Travis Browne leveled the Dutchman Stefan Struve with .... (go***mmit)... a "SuperMan Punch".

I swear to Buddah this is the worst gimmick/technique to come out of all of MMA.  95% of the innovation MMA has presented us (groundfighting, throws, fish-hooking ... okay, mebbe fishhooking was back in the day) is pretty awesome, and what Bruce Lee was trying to tell us years ago.

But this SuperMan punch is the stupidest punch ever invented.  Ever.  And thanks to you, Travis Browne, it is going to gain more legitimacy as an effective MMA technique.

Would Steven Segal please Snap Kick this guy.


All announcers are shills. 

Let me say that again.

All announcers are shills.

You know it.  I know it.  But there's nothing wrong with that.  I have worked as an announcer and know that the number one job is to get the product over with the people watching.

But jeez, Goldy, you have to use more articulate phrases than, "Roy Nelson is in great shape for a fat guy."  Whaaaat?

Roy "Big Country" Nelson was playing up his "just your average redneck tubby guy with skills" by sporting a mullet to make '90's Billy Ray Cyrus jealous.

"Don't break my heart/My Achy-Breaky heart..."
 He looked like the love child of Kane Hodder and Kenny Powers.  Don't believe me?

See?  You know it's true

So, Mir and Roy Hodder-Powers Nelson threw down in a battle of "Who will give up by being out of shape first".  And, they were both so out of gas by the 3rd round that it went to the cards.  To Mir's credit, he dominated Nelson in the 2nd and 3rd, throwing him at will.  Mir won at the cards, and what started as an exciting card suddenly became stale.
Wish I could say this was the two jockeying for position during the fight.  It's them with the sportsman-like hug afterward.  Nelson needed a cot.

In the end, Rampage dominated Hamill.  Hamill was being hit so hard, I thought might hear again.  Rampage with the dominating win.

I was left with some questions at the end of the event.  The first of which, "Was this a date?"

Mike Judge and David Spade.  Metro?  Yes.  Bromance?  No.

In the end, it was a shame the last two "Main Event" fights were lackluster.  The opening matches with the hungry fighters were the best.  Sometimes the cards don't pan out.  Just wish the show at least finished with some excitement. 

In the end, the best part about this card was the opening two fights.  I can't, as a fan of the science of fighting, support a fight finished with the Superman.  The Main Event sputtered.

In spite of my criticism, thanks to the fighters for stepping into the ring and putting it on the line.  I do admire you.

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This has been a presentation.

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