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Saturday, January 14, 2017

FIGHTS: ZBFbooks Interviews #WeirdWestern Author David J. West

by Bowie V. Ibarra - What part of the world are you writing out of?
David J. West - I was born in Utah, grew up in Montana, moved to Utah got married, back to Montana, got divorced, got remarried and moved to LA and then as luck would have it we are back in Utah. So I'm pretty familiar with the American west as I have traveled all over it. I enjoy traveling and seeing the sights wherever I'm at.
ZBF- What got you into the weird west genre?
DJW - I've always been into history and mythology and the old west is part of both those worlds. Writing the weird western is just the natural progression for me of blending two things I am fascinated with. Maybe fascinated isn't strong enough. Two things I absolutely love.

ZBF - Do you have any favorite weird west stories?
DJW - I'm a HUGE fan of Robert E. Howard and really dig his weird west horror stories Valley of the Lost and The Horror from the Mound and even those that are fantasy that are on the edge of frontier weird west stories like the Conan's tales of Red Nails and Beyond the Black River. I really liked Louis L'amour's Haunted Mesa and for more current authors I dig Joel Jenkins Lone Crow stories, R.S. Belchers Six-Gun Tarot, there are a lot more too numerous to list.

ZBF - Tell us about your title.
DJW - Scavengers is about what people will become when they are driven to the edge. I place a lotta bad dudes in an inhospitable desert wasteland (that I am intimately familiar with from numerous wild camping trips) and get to play around. It is based on some real dangerous people = Porter Rockwell and some real yet rumored lost gold stories in the area. I love using that local stuff as a background.
ZBF - Where can people get your title?
DJW - For right now, Scavengers and others like Cold Slither are only on Amazon HERE, but I will be making them available in more venues by summertime. That includes audiobooks.
ZBF - How can readers keep in touch with your progress?
DJW - There is my newsletter - Twitter - My blog/website - and I shouldn't be too hard to find on facebook either.
ZBF - Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink?
DJW - Hahahaha! No, I am in Utah. I'm a sucker for anything with vanilla in it though.
BOWIE V. IBARRA is the author of the Weird West title 'The Cruel Fate of Dr. Brewster McGill', available in paperback and Kindle format. Network with Bowie at his official website,

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