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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BLOOD: Editorial - 'The Walking Dead' Head Bashing

Apparently, some folks are pissing their pants over how 'graphic' and 'violent' that 'The Walking Dead' premiere was.
Since some folks, for whatever reason, didn't get the memo, cc, bcc, what have you, or, perhaps, missed seasons past where an old man got his head lopped off, or several zombie children were shot in the face, etc, etc, let me forward the message: It's a zombie horror-themed show. Graphic violence is part and parcel of zombie horror. Though a good story and fine characterization are fundamental to the overall enjoyment of a zombie horror piece, to be sure, I also tune in, specifically, looking for stuff that is both 'graphic' and 'violent'.
Personally, I enjoyed the episode. Since I was also one of those people who didn't open their Christmas gift early, it really hit me hard, and I enjoyed it. Like the land of the living, the land of the dead can be cruel and unforgiving.
Ironically enough, in my youth, my zombie smashing weapon of choice was a Louisville Slugger. And, incidentally, I've since changed that to flanged mace. I guess I have a special place in my curs├ęd heart for blunt weapons. Go figure.
At any rate, here's a version that might be better for those folks who were expecting something a little less cruel in a world consumed by flesh-eating zombies.

BOWIE V. IBARRA is the author of the 'Down the Road' south Texas zombie horror trilogy. Bowie writes Tex-Mexploitation tales with titles that feature zombies, combat sports, horror, lucha libre, the supernatural, and superheroes. Network with Bowie at  Pick up a copy of 'Down the Road' today in paperback or kindle HERE.


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