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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

FIGHTS: The New Day brawls at The Wyatt Family Compound - WWE RAW 11 JULY 2016 F...

With 'Final Deletion' and now the following brawl at the Wyatt compound, its not hard to see the influence Lucha Underground is having on the heavy-hitters in sports entertainment.  Is WWE doing it as good as LU?  Fuck no.  But its a step in the right direction for more innovative, interesting, and exciting moments for storytelling outside of some schmuck with a shoulder cam filming backstage and calling it 'movie making'.

Anyway, enjoy this clip.  Then pick up a copy of some of the best combat sports stories on the market today HERE from

BOWIE V. IBARRA is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press.  He's earned a BFA in Acting and a MA in Theatre History from Texas State University.  Network with Bowie and check out his books at his official website,

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