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Thursday, September 5, 2013

FIGHTS: Meet The Tex-Mex Superheroes

Bowie V. Ibarra has been on quite a superhero kick lately.  With its broad range of potential with stories and characters, you can bet is going to have some fun writing about them.  But you, the reader, will be the one that benefits.

Below is a list of the three main superheroes that will be the lynchpins of the library superheroes.

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Real Name:  Paula Belle Luna
Place of Birth:  San Uvalde, Texas
Alignment:  Chaotic Good
Powers:  Elevated Strength, Superior Fighting Skills
Weapons Proficiencies:  Bowie Knife, throwing knives, Compound bow and arrow
Magic:  Has a cursed owl necklace that, when broken, can conjure a true Lechusa
Allies:  Reverend Hugo Farkas of the East Side Baptist Church, Celestina (the curandera)
Base of operations:  San Uvalde, Texas
Arch Enemy:  N/A


Paula Belle Luna is a single mother living in a trailer home in San Uvalde Estates with her mother, Emma, and her daughter, Mariana.  During the day, Paula works as the receptionist for Vasquez Construction.  But at night, she's an operative for a secret government organization.

Paula discovered her powers in her teenage years when she was violated by her then boyfriend.  Discovering her new elevated strengths, she was encouraged to join the military, where her super strength and fighting skill earned her a spot on the clandestine military team, Five Points.  After getting pregnant, she left the organization by faking her death, but remained as an operative for the organization afterwards.

Though Paula has superior hand-to-hand skill, knife proficiency, and elevated strength, she is not invulnerable.

Her neighbor is Sra Irma Celestina, and old woman who is also a curandera.  Sra. Celestina gives Paula and her daughter necklaces to wear with magical powers.  When broken, the necklace conjures the supernatural force called 'La Lechusa'.

Her contact in San Uvalde is Reverend Hugo Farkas.  He is an ex-military man who provides all the orders for Paula as well as her gear.  He operates under the East Side Baptist Church.

For now, La Lechusa is San Uvalde's greatest defender.

Here's one of her original book trailers.


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Real Name:  Lorraine Blacksmith
Place of Birth:  San Antonio, Texas
Alignment:  Lawful Good
Powers:  (Available when Bracelets of Katarxena are activated) Flight, Super Strength, Mayan Fighting Arts
Weapons:  (Available when Bracelets of Katarxena are activated) Spiritual Rod that can shift into a whip, a macuhuitl, etc.
Magic:  (Available when Bracelets of Katarxena are activated) Spell Casting
Allies:  Gerardo, finance manager at McNulty Museum
Base of Operations:  McNulty Museum, San Antonio, Texas
Arch Enemy:  N/A


Lorraine Blacksmith was tapped to be the curator of the McNulty Museum in San Antonio, Texas, when the founder, Sara McNulty, passed away.  Unbeknownst to Lorraine, a large collection of magical relics lay in hiding under the museum in Room 26.  Lorraine discovers that McNulty not only hid these relics, but wielded an ancient Mayan power through the Bracelets of Katarxena.  When activated, her body is possessed by the spirit of the ancient Mayan high priestess, Katarxena.

When she is possessed by the spirit of Katarxena, she has elevated strength and is partially invulnerable, as the spirit takes over her body.  But the longer she is in a conflict, the weaker she becomes.  When the spirit leaves her body, Lorraine's is left exhausted, and she needs to sleep for long periods of time to recover, depending on the energy spent.

Lorraine not only helps to run the museum, but now has a responsibility to protect not only the relics in the museum and any power they might wield, but the city of San Antonio as The Violet Specter.  She is called that because witnesses who first saw her noticed that her form was ghost-like and purple in appearance.

Here's one of the trailers.


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Real Name:  Unknown
Place of Birth:  Del Rio, Texas
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Powers:  (When Star Power Necklace is activated) Flight, Sonic Attack (The 'Grito'), elevated strength
Weapons:  N/A
Magic:  N/A
Allies:  Lane, the band manager of Tejano Star y Los Caballeros
Base of Operations:  Del Rio, Texas
Arch Enemy:  Chaplain Skull

Tejano Star is not only one of south Texas and Northern Mexico's superheroes, but he's also the lead singer of one of the best Tejano bands in Texas: Tejano Star y Los Caballeros.  Traveling around the state of Texas, Tejano Star not only sings to sold out dance halls, but fights crime in the cities he sings in.

Tejano Star gets his powers from an extra-terrestrial charm that he wears around his neck.  He calls it 'La Estrella de la Noche', translated to 'The Night Star'.  He activates the power of the star with the words, 'Estrella de la Noche, dame el poder!'  This translates to, "Night Star, give me the power!"

When he has activated the Star, Tejano Star can fly, has elevated strength, and his greatest power, which is a Sonic Attack he calls 'El Grito'.  This shout can incapacitate foes and knock down barriers.  But its use saps him of his energy, and he loses strength each time he uses it.

Here's the trailer.


Do yourself a favor.  If you enjoy fun superhero stories, pick either of these three for some good fun today, courtesy of

BOWIE V. IBARRA is the author of the 'Down the Road' zombie horror series from Permuted Press and Simon and Schuster.  Bowie earned a BFA in Acting and MA in Theatre History from Texas State University. 

Network with Bowie for updates and news at his official website,


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