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Thursday, April 25, 2013

BLOOD - The 'Big Cat' book trailer series...

by Bowie Ibarra

Book trailers are a great promotional tool, and jumped in headfirst into the trailer series with 'Big Cat'.  Check them out.

Here was the first teaser trailer for the series.  Simple and dramatic.


The second series of videos began to develop the characters and their quirks, building up the dangers in the story with ambiguity.
The third trailer takes an abstract take on the book, going with the theme of the book being an old 80s story with 'bloody dice'.  Very low budget bloody dice.
More fun with the characters, taking elements from the book about the characters and incorporating it into the trailer.
More character, more story elements, more ambiguity.
Variation on a theme of trailer 4
And here's the final book trailer for the series, after having built up the characters and their lack of preparedness to face the evil, the series returns to the original ominous tone.  Also features the book cover.
Again, presents some of the best low/no budget trailers out there, taking risks and doing what it takes to get the message out there.
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The fourth book trailer follows the same tactic, showing the quirkiness of the characters, but proposing the dangers that lie before them.


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