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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

FIGHTS - Texas Indy standouts need votes for 'Gut Check'

by Bowie Ibarra is an avid supporter of the Texas Indy scene.  Author Bowie Ibarra participates in the hallowed tradition of rabid wrestling fan as often as he can, making many friends along the way.

Recently, TNA Impact Wrestling has given independent standouts from across the nation the chance to have a contract with their nationally televised product.  Many names from the Texas Indy Scene are on the voting list.  Say what you want about TNA, but if you consider yourself a fan and want to see the wrestlers you enjoy earn a good payday that's more than $25 bucks and get exposure they deserve across the nation and the world, then you need to vote for them.

This blog is dedicated to members of the Texas indy scene who have chosen to participate in the TNA Gut Check.  Below you will find the wrestlers who endorses.  If you are wondering who to vote for, this is the place to find an answer.

The participants are split into 16 brackets and randomly thrown together in what amounts to a popularity contest, with the winner from each bracket picked as the winner for the bracket and entered into the competition.  With all the fans I see at events, there's no excuse for the following people to not be the top winners of their brackets.  I just hope the idiots at TNA don't go against the fans decision like they did when they asked us to vote who the champ should be:  Nigel McGuinness or Hardy.  Nigel won, but Hardy got the shot.  Stupid asses.

Anyway, I encourage you to vote for all of the people I've listed below.  Here is the link to vote:  Gut Check Voting.


Christopher Valenzuela has been the backbone to one of San Antonio's most dominant wrestling promotion:  River City Wrestling.  Known as Don Juan at first, he eventually took on the persona of Ann Dromeda, one of the most popular, charismatic, and skilled pro-wrestlers to ever grace the Texas Indy scene.

I'll never forget realizing how talented she was when I watched her wrestle JoJo Bravo a few years back.  Chris has charisma, charm, and true pro-wrestling skill that easily sets him apart from other competition.  If you cast one vote, do it for Ann Dromeda/Christopher Valenzuela, who receives endorsement.


Another Texas Indy stalwart has been Micheal DelaVechia, or 'One Man' Mike Dell as we might know him.  The guy has the bad guy looks and physique to make him a superstar if the public were to see him.  He loves talking, loves himself, and actually has a bit of a brain, too.  He's posts constantly about his schooling.

The guy is a complete pro-wrestler and deserves a spot on the Gut Check.  Full endorsed.


A female who has been on the scene in Texas and around the country is Adrienne Reece, otherwise known as Athena.  Skilled, great looking, and talented in the ring, Reece brings intensity and skill a Skandar Akbar-trained wrestler will.  And her 'O-Face' finisher is one to behold.

Vote for her now.


Texas fans know him and boo him as the obnoxious and disgusting Nemesis.  But all that aside, the guy has wrestling chops.  I might not like to cheer for him when he wrestles, but he deserves a chance to shine on the big stage.  Vote for him.


San Antonio fans know him as 'Honkey Kong', the RCW newcomer.  A big guy, he's been saddled with a silly gimmick.  But what I've seen from David is a true commitment to his character as he builds his skills.  He's new, but he's doing what it takes to take a step in the right direction.  Give him a vote.


Greg Webster is known to people in SATX and ATX as 'Too Much Metal' Gregory James.  The guy is quick, athletic, and energetic, and deserves a shot to grow with TNA.  Vote for him.

Readers of have also recommended the following Texas Indy standouts.  I do not have knowledge of their abilities, but readers vouch for them.  So vote for them.


Readers, if you love your indy pro-wrestling, then there's no excuse not to go out and vote for these people who you enjoy when you go see them.  Without sounding clich√© or like a DVD disclaimer, they put their bodies on the line for our enjoyment, for us to cheer or jeer.  They deserve taking 2-3 minutes out of our day to vote for them so they might reap some benefits from the career field they have chosen to pursue.

So vote for the people above, then share this blog with others who need to vote.  Do it today.



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