Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BLOOD: Lindsey Beth Goddard releases "Ashes of Another Life"


ZBFbooks.com had a chance to reach out to Lindsey Beth Goddard to talk about her new release, the polygamy thriller 'Ashes of Another Life', available in paperback or Kindle.

Here's the synopsis, followed by the interview:

When Tara Jane Brewer leaves her polygamous community behind after her family dies in a tragic house fire, she is plagued by ghastly images of death. Hunted by a member of the church who plans to bring her home to Sweet Springs at any cost, Tara Jane must fight to keep her freedom. But everywhere she goes, she sees the charred faces of her burned family, watching her, following her, all thirty-four of them, waiting for her to come home and resume her place in the family.

ZBFbooks.com - How excited are you about your new title?

Lindsey Beth Goddard - Super excited! Ashes of Another Life is my first novella. Prior to this book, only my short stories and poetry had been published. Next up will be a novel, of course.

ZBF - Tell us a little about the story?

LBG - It’s a fictional story based on a real life cult. I’ve been told it’s both disturbing and touching at the same time.

ZBF - What’s it about?

LBG - Ashes of Another Life is the story of Tara Jane Brewer, a fourteen year old girl who escapes a dangerous cult when her family dies in a fire. Now, the prophet of her church wants her back - at any cost, and the ghosts of her dead family refuse to rest in peace.

ZBF - What made you decide to write a story with this theme?

LBG - In late 2013 and early 2014, I read a lot of non-fiction books on the topic. The seed was planted in my mind, and from there, the story grew.

ZBF - How would you describe your writing style?

LBG - Character-driven, suspenseful horror.

ZBF - What are some stories you hope to write in the future?

LBG - At some point, I’d like to write an entire book from the perspective of the monster/ villain. It’s nothing new. It’s been done a million times before, but I’m not sure how often it’s been done exceedingly well without falling into the same old cliches. Therein lies the challenge.

ZBF - Where can folks keep up with your works?

LBG - Official Website:


Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLindseyGoddard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LindseyBethGodd

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+LindseyGoddard/posts

Tumblr: http://lindseygoddard.tumblr.com

Blog: www.DirtyLittleHorror.com

ZBF - And most importantly, what’s your favorite adult beverage?

LBG - Hm. I’ll go with a Long Island Iced Tea. Thanks so much for the interview, Bowie.

Pick up Lindsey's title in paperback HERE and Kindle HERE.

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